Salesmen for real (4): François

A business trip with François is always a unique experience. Nothing will happen as it was supposed to. The best attitude is to expect nothing and whatever will be will be. Inside of our organisation François is the most qualified in his technical domain. He knows everything thanks to his previous professional lives. In his […]

Salesmen for real (2): Sinan

Editing as illustration picture of Sinan, one taken while he was sleeping in a taxi may look mean at first sight. In fact it is quite respectful, Sinan is the most travelling person in our company and he has a certain ability to absorb the jet-lag. Last time we had a chance to travel together […]

Salesmen for real (1): Eugen.

Eugen is the person with the highest level of social skills I have ever met. He can either talk with the lowest level contact in the hierarchy or with the CEO of a big organisation and both of them want to be friend with him. Face to