Salesmen for real (2): Sinan

2018-11-22 13.50.37Editing as illustration picture of Sinan, one taken while he was sleeping in a taxi may look mean at first sight. In fact it is quite respectful, Sinan is the most travelling person in our company and he has a certain ability to absorb the jet-lag. Last time we had a chance to travel together he spent some days before in Spain, Marocco, Egypt and we travelled one week in Turkey visiting customers and agents. The time before 

he was coming back from Australia and we met is South Korea. There I had the opportunity to take this snap in a 20 minutes transport.

Defining Sinan is as complicated as finding a definition for Eugen (there). The first impression I had is his similarity with Sr. Oliveira de Figueria. For the less Tintin & Snowy fans reading these lines, he is the trader who appears first time in « The Cigars of the Pharaon ». I can’t speak about Sinan without mentioning that he can eat at any time. He often asks if you won’t eat something right now and looks funnily surprised when you don’t feel like eating (again). Whatever your answer is he eats something. He knows a lot about history of his country and share it at any moment. I never discussed that point with the other colleagues, but as he travels a lot and should be quite tired, I am always wondering whether he got me or not when we discuss next steps at this customer or next action for this other one. I am pretty sure that my colleagues share the same feeling, but the experience now shows that he doesn’t forget much.

I must say that I never saw a salesman who can so easily make people talk, which is of great help in sales of course. Moreover he comes to the point which is interesting for the products he sells at an incredible speed. I am always surprised that we are in the subject so quick with Sinan. At customer Sinan acts as a cat. He sees all, he evaluates the people, he analyses the situation, all senses in alerts. At first I thought he was playing the strategy of naivety and innocence which allowed him to ask all type of questions including stupid ones. He can play this one but he can also ask the question and show no emotion, no feeling, looks straight in the eyes and waits for the answer. When it is the moment, like a cat, he jumps and catch the bird.

Thinking big is the way of thinking of Sinan: ”If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”. He dreams big, I can guarantee. Another a common point with Eugen is the positive thinking. What I like much in him is his ability to adapt to new situation and to find advantage in this situation.

Having an opportunity to see Sinan phone prospecting prospects and getting people answering to his calls for action is always amazing. He naturally get the persons on the phone opening wider the door. Interesting case to study in order to extract the methods….

See you soon. If you want to be the next, contact me?

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