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Salesmen for real (3): Edith

As in written French we have a rule, male is grammatically before female, the saleswomen are in the group of salesmen. That is why Edith is named a salesman even if she is a women. And I don’t know whether I am right or wrong, but this is not the point. We all know places

where we immediately feel comfortable. Edith is running such a place with great enthusiasm. Her starting point was the swimming pool buffet of a small swimming pool of a small village. Quite a task isn’t it? You need to be a believer to invest yourself in this challenge. The buffet in a swimming pool is most of times tiny, with no atmosphere and offers plastic food in a ceramic associated to stainless steel background.

Mainly people enter the buffet for a quick coffee or something to eat during the way back home. Not in a real hurry, but with some wet stuff in a bag to think about. From those conditions Edith made her buffet a place you feel immediately well. Is this because she is sales skilled? She is has for sure sales skills but above this she is, as I already mentioned, a believer. What you believe is what you are. She believes that giving will bring back in return, and it starts from her first smile. She smiles with the mouth, the eyes and the entire face. When she meets a regular customer she also smiles with the hands, the arms.

She talks with the customers who want to, otherwise she just answer to your requests with such an incredible kindness. At this very moment when your children ask for something more how could you disappoint both your kids and Edith at the same time? If you are alone you can’t resist to the temptation of such a choice of salted and sweet small sized pieces. It doesn’t take long to understand that she has a lot of various experiences and that her life was not simple. In spite of all the bad times she had, she keeps smiling and believing. Believers are the best salesmen, but maybe not only in sales.

In this swimming pool buffet I had the best ever Minestrone soup….

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