Salesmen for real (1): Eugen.

Eugen is the person with the highest level of social skills I have ever met. He can either talk with the lowest level contact in the hierarchy or with the CEO of a big organisation and both of them want to be friend with him. Face to face or on the phone he is a social genius. I have seen Eugen in desperate situations making additional sales on what should have been a claim. That is why I want to start my series with him. This series will be in English as a personal challenge. Should you find mistakes please comment: I’ll correct them.

Definition: who is Eugen? This first question is not so simple to answer. There are a lot of Eugen in Eugen. You meet him and he can start explaining how his wife bumped a sidewalk and make 2 tyres flat. Then he gave her his car with the following thinking: she would normally not be able to make 2 cars out of order within 2 days. Epic fail, she was able. You can’t do nothing else but laugh as this is so well detailed. You may also have a he chance to listen him telling a joke and listening till the end with a great laugh again at the final twist. He is also a driver, he likes to drive machines with motors. Whatever the machine is, Eugen finds an interest on it. He drove me through mountain roads at unbelievable speeds with the car engaged in this “race”. Only cars behind, no one stayed long before. It requires some guts to keep calm under those conditions, we can call that confidence. I am pretty sure a lot of persons think at first sight “who did they send to me?” but after 20 seconds they think “This guy is interesting”. This change, I have seen many times in the behaviour of contacts. Social genius I said before!

It would be definitely too short to stay there when describing Eugen. He says 2 things “I am here to help” and “I am always kind with my customers”. He came to these 2 points really basically because he considers that customers pay his monthly salary and also the ones of the people in production. He sells because he solves problems. In our job we can have a lot of problems coming from everywhere including the customer himself, our production and/or any person from the organisation. He helps. He is kind with the customers. Kindness does not mean weakness with customers, he always thinks about how can I jump on this opportunity?

Thinking big is the way of thinking of Eugen. Sky is the limit. It is a really interesting mind set for a salesman. He is naturally kind with people, and he makes no special efforts to keeping his kindness level with customers. He gives, the customer takes and so he is committed and tightened by Eugen. He shows his goodwill to help starting from details to bigger problems, that no resistance is possible for anyone normal. Positive thinking is also a mind-set of him. At the end when you are customer you only want to believe this guy in front of you. You smile, he gives information, solutions and services… at the end, no real concern about high level prices. It will work safe and easy.

Here are some of the Eugen’s personality. The most important one is smartness. He can do things with short, mid or long term strategy depending upon each situation. He has the ability to see with the eyes of the customer and understands the expectations, the opporttunities, the challenges and risks of the person in front of him. When he doesn’t have an answer to give, he always finds someone to help him in helping his customers. Asking questions is a key point with him: he always learns details about his contacts and he understands what to do with those details. Last but not least, you can rely on him: when he says, he will do. Respect for this way of doing the job. Intelligent people have often humour. Eugen is intelligent and full of humour. Here is a link to a recent video. It also gives reality to Schwytzerdütsch (2 posts in French on that matter here the first and the second)

See you soon!

The good sales sentence of the day:
It will be soon trendy to say: “I subscribed to e-mails in early 2019“, if you are not yet in the 321 subscribers who did that earlier. 

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